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Blazers - Midnight Resource (INPLLTD1)

by Infinite Pleasure

Stargazer 05:20
Love Hotline 05:56
Klein & Blue 05:25


Clocking in next on Infinite Pleasure is French sensation Blazers with his newest four-tracker, ‘Midnight Resource'. Here again stepping up with a hotter-than-hot batch of his signature hi-NRG booty-shakers and classic house era-style shufflers, the Parisian-based producer treats us to an unrelenting orgy of jacking prog, ruff-edged envelopes and dusty synth swashes.

Full preview available on soundcloud: soundcloud.com/infinitepleasure/blazers-midnight-resource

Encapsulating the widest array of Blazers’ playful palette, the title-track is as much a homage to the intoxicatingly sensual house sound of the mid-90s as it is an unabashed nod to happy hardcore and classic acid wares from the same epoch. A doped-up maelstrom of buoyant piano stabs, processed vox and fevered drum patterns on the prowl for some raving fresh meat, this one’s got club-destroyer written all over it. Further spacious and quirky, ’Stargazer’ has us tripping out to a slo-scudding tapestry of washed-out, Sino-flavoured keys, vaporous pads and off-kilter percussive work dipped in a thick sauce of acid. Weird tropical funk laced with ambient-adjacent, meditative properties, what’s more to ask for.

Flip sides and there’s ‘Love Hotline’ taking care of the more languid, hedonistic side of one’s fantasies. All in ektachromatic mellifluousness and soft-handed chug, this is house music at its most delicate and charmingly naive, bound to trigger off feelgood memories of coastal vacations and love-in-the-air kind of moments. Rounding off the journey, ‘Klein & Blue’ beckons us onto a further exotic pathway, where the gently enticing appeal of tapping drums, faux-organic textures and late 70s-early 80s discoid fun symbiotically converge to form an equally poetic and dynamic symphony of sorts. Sprinkle that with a healthy dose of xylophonic hoodoo and balearic riffs, and you get a helluva summertime choon, all set at blasting out loud in the open-top.


released March 14, 2023


all rights reserved


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